Misses Liars
“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.”

favourite pll outfits 
↳emily fields (season two) 

Pretty Little Liars 30 Days Challenge

Day 1: Who is your favorite Liar? Spencer.

Pretty Little Liars 30 days challenge


1. Who is your favorite Liar?
2. What was the biggest surprise on the show?
3. What’s your favorite episode?
4. What’s your least favorite episode?
5. Who is your least favorite Liar?
6. Do you prefer the books or the TV show?
7. Favorite promo picture?
8. Favorite screen cap?
9. Favorite GIF?
10. What’s a character that you can relate to the most?
11. Who’s your favorite couple?
12. Who’s your favorite guy on the show?
13. Who’s your least favorite guy on the show?
14. Who’s your favorite actress?
15. Who’s your least favorite actress?
16. Who do you think A is?
17. Who do you want A to be?
18. What’s something that happened that you wish didn’t happen?
19. What’s something that didn’t happen that you wish did happen?
20. If you could re-cast the show, who would you cast and for what parts?
21. Favorite picture of Aria
22. Favorite picture of Spencer
23. Favorite picture of Emily
24. Favorite picture of Hanna
25. Favorite picture of Alison
26. Your favorite quote
27. Post something random about Pretty Little Liars.
28. Post your favorite scene (from youtube)
29. Predict something about the next season
30. What do you love most about Pretty Little Liars?

messages from A.


Ashley Benson | Nylon Magazine May 2013 Photoshoot

Hanna & Caleb - 3.18 “The Badass Seed”